GRACE IN GLASS Catalogue, Schantz Galleries, Stockbridge


MESMER Drawings Catalogue, Habatat Galleries, Detroit


The Year of the Horse Catalogue, Blue Rain Gallery


Fade In – Glass Netsuke Sculpture by Shelley Muzylowski Allen




Talking Out Your Glass podcast
Shelley Muzylowski Allen
Aug. 25, 2017

By suspending creatures in moments of tension and recalling the myths and legends with which they are associated, Shelley Muzylowski Allen reminds us that nature is precious and in many ways fleeting. From the red gazelle to Asian and African elephants, some of her subjects face extinction or have been forever lost in the tides of time, taking with them some of humanity’s finest qualities…
45 minutes


Glass Town USA
Grace Meils
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Glass & Behind
Hungarian blog post
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“MESMER – Animal Magnetism”
Habatat Galleries, Detroit
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“Archetypal Animal Forms”
American Art Collector
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Warm Blood
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