“Using her background in painting and her understanding of anatomy, Muzylowski Allen creates contemplative vignettes in glass from her interaction and experience with her surroundings. Sumptuous coloring and textural surfaces of her forms inspire a powerful influence on human feeling.”

– Shawn Waggoner, Glass Art Magazine
Cover & pg.6 November/December 2017

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While many of Rik’s pieces have a reference to his curiosity for science, they also convey humor, simple narratives, and a lightheartedness that is embodied in much of science fiction’s antiquated vision of the future.

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How Animals Inspire Glass Artist Shelley Muzylowski Allen
The Henry Ford Museum, Artist Residency
Dearborn, MI

“We are each explorers on a journey through existence and Allen’s sculptures evoke this introspection and conveyance – spacecraft captained by lonely cartographers mapping the inky black seas between us all, organic vessel-creatures harbouring spores of complex knowledge bound for undiscovered mental landscapes, or sentient mechanical emissaries propagating our viral truths through the fabric of being.”

Jacob McMurray
Senior Curator
Experience Music Project & Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame